Monday, 26 December 2016

Gay Illustration for "X'Mas".

That´s my little gay illustration for Xmas for the "Art Gai" grup. A sexy Santa might come to you tonigth!. Have you made a wish for it? :)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Scifi Illustrations Collection Volume 1.

This is the First volume of my collection of scifi illustrations in 3D.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Artwork at the Delta Heritage Center in Tenesse

After being in silence almost three years because of family reasons, I have decided to re- arrange again my career as illustrator and start to do and get involved in new exciting projects again.
My new one is the donation of two unique pieces from my artwork to the Delta Heritage Center Museum at Brownsville (Tenesse) where actually they are celebrating the "Heritage Days Convention". A wonderful display of arts and performance in tribute to the career of one of the Best and Most known women in the History of Music:Tina Turner.

Me, together with other artists coming from different disciplines and places we got together, getting to collabore and to contribute with our art into this amazing project that takes place at the little and humble area where was born and grew up one of the most important references in the World´s Music Scene.

Our artwork now belongs to the collection of the official Tina Turner´s Museum at the "Delta Heritage Center", in a way permanent, becoming part of the West Tenesse personal culture  heritage.

Thanks to Lady S. Clark and to all the collaborators and the events organisers to can make it possible.

There´s nothing more to say that for my very first "Big" project after all this time, I feel so much more than proud, thankful, and satisfied.

Here´s my art, a humble,simple tribute to her:Tina Turner.