Sunday, 1 October 2017

Let´s get Busy...My new illustrations for this Inktober 2017.

Everyday is a new possibility, so for each here of this October 2017 I am gonna publish one illustration,following the rules of the #Inktober contest of this year 2017.

I hope you like it :)

Day one : #Swift

Inktober - 2017

I thought too many times that the amazing project coordinated by  the illustrator Jake Parker has been one of the best initiatives released during these last years, in order to promote and inspire new artists and talents to create new original and unique masterpieces of art simply,with the basics as any good illustrator would know: Ink and Imagination.
I support the "Inktober" contest and this year I am gonna give the best of me to it.

Good luck to all illustrator and bright minds of this World!. Let´s bring the best of Art,rigth now!. 

For more information.Follow the Inktober 2017 Rules  at the following link,and let´s start to draw!. :)